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I wanna be the angel
in your dreams
that grants your
wishes in the
cover of darkness.







Since their album In the Mountain in the Clouds, I’ve been completely hooked on Portugal. The Man, and their album collaboration with Danger Mouse for Evil Friends, although a slight deviation from the group’s usual sound, was all in all a very solid album with a more energetic zing to it. Now, Portugal. The Man fans have something new to look forward to. The band has teamed up with the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute to spread the an important message regarding the rapid extinction of the Sumatran Tiger. With less than 400 of these beautiful tigers left in the world, the band has recorded a new track entitled “Endangered Song”.
The track has only been released on 400 vinyl copies distributed to influencers who are asked to digitize the album. The vinyl itself is made out of materials that will degrade over time, so unless the track is digitized and spread, the song itself will disappear as well as the Sumatran Tiger. Please spread the word of this beautiful message, help support the repopulation of the Sumatran Tiger, and share this fantastic new song. You can find more information about the cause in the video below or by visiting

darinpratt asked:

Thanks for the follow. I read some of your blogs and you are a very deep person. It's good that you stay true to yourself and are cautious with your emotions; there are unfortunately too many people, too willing to step on another person just to get ahead in life. I believe in doing what you love, without regard to how much you get paid doing it. Do you agree?

I never get paid to help others but I still do it so yes I believe you must follow your heart and do what you love. Your welcome for the follow I am very deep but reserved and some take that as being isolated but I am not I just have a hard time finding someone who gets me. I have been hurt deeply many times so it is hard for me to open up to anyone. Thank you for the compliments I appreciate it. 

I am the way I am for a reason

All my life I have been there for others & I have always treated people with respect and kindness when I do not get the same from people around me I change the people around me. My life is too short to worry about what others think of me or if they accept me. I will not force or manipulate anyone to be my friend I am here for those who need me and care about me. I am tired of being treated badly I am helpful & generous but if someone takes advantage of me of takes my kindness for weakness I do not let it continue. I trust very few people and of those I trust if that trust is broken I am done with that person there is no second chances with me when it comes to trust that is how important it is to me. In the past I have been very trustworthy towards people but as this world is changing so much to a more of me first attitude I am not so quick to trust anymore. I will never seek revenge or do bad or manipulative things to people that is not me & I avoid putting myself in that situation by making sure I do not trust the wrong person. I have high standards for my friends but only because once you are my friend you can be assured that you can trust me with your life because that is what friendship means to me. If a person’s attitude or actions do not sit well with me I do not associate with that person. That is just me. Although this may get me very few friends at least I get the right ones. I do not associate with people because of their status or because I want something from them if I like you I like you if I don’t I don’t there is no in betweens. I avoid drama and respect people’s privacy I am not nosey or manipulative. I have never been like that and I never will be. I respect people’s decisions for their lives and the way they want to live it. I am not controlling & I believe everyone should be who they are not what others think they should be.  

My Spiritual Moment Today….

As I was walking outside today I bowed my head to pray. I asked God to help our dying world show us the way. Save all living things from our selfish ways. Then I was overcome with sadness & began to cry. I don’t know how a creation of love could turn so hateful & remorseless do they not see as their environment is dying slowly? We have endangered the very thing that sustains us how can we be so inhumane? I have never been so overcome with emotion some days I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders today was one of those days. It was a very profound grounding of immeasurable proportion for me today. I can not describe the sorrow I felt for all living things.

God vs Society

Nonbelievers of God make the argument that if God exists why is there so much suffering? The truth is we are the product of our own design in society today because we are influenced so much by evil the world has become anything but what God intended it to be…..We were created as beings of love just as God is Love but unfortunately evil is present abundantly & it’s too influential…..

Life is too short to be spent in conflict….

Life is too short to spend so much time on conflicts, resentments, misunderstandings and drama I am here for those who care about me & I know there are a lot of you but for those who seek me out just to bring me down please unfollow me now because I will not tolerate it I will find out who you are and remove you eventually. Please Respect me and my friends or you will be removed from my followers. I am here to help & support my friends & if you don’t like that it’s too bad because I am gonna do it anyway. For those who know me personally they know I am a sincere and appreciative friend but don’t assume you know me if you don’t my respect is hard to earn because I will always respect you more. My friendship is one of a kind & my loyalty is the same. I am done feeling down about all the stuff that has gone wrong for me lately because life is not meant to be this way I know God will bring me through it and things will change and with patients and persistence I will have the life I desire one day. If you have supported me in the past thank you and for those who think they can break my spirit think again it ain’t happening. My spirit is firmly rooted in God’s strength and that is where it will stay. I am sorry if I upset anyone with my thoughts or feelings but I need to express them or else they eat me up inside & things will never change if no one knows how I feel so I have expressed myself. 

Mentally, Physically, Emotionally Tired

It’s very heartbreaking to know you work hard to support people & make friends but in the end no one really gives a damn about what you do or who you are even though you try to show them I never did anything to anyone yet I still get the blame for God knows what. I am just tired of it all if you ever care to want to get to know the real me you know where to find me…..

For those who think they know me…

So tired of the drama people bring to good people’s lives & the assumption everyone has that they know me & they judge me accordingly. I have very few close friends because it takes a lot for me to trust people think what you like & say what you like about me if you don’t know me personally try something logical perhaps & ask me if you want to know something about me because most likely you got anything but the truth….

Screw the rules & screw this I’m so tired and weary of the whole romance/love thing if I lose you I will never fall again I know that much is for sure…..

Our State of the World

The world is weary & the human race creates the wounds
it suffers from we all must find our humanity again
to save the one thing that sustains us, our world.

As in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr:
Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate;
only love can do that.

All humans must recall what it means to be human again.
Compassion, Generosity, Good Will, Love, Sympathy, Kindness, Courage & Spirituality are the qualities of the human race
Only these can save our own kind, mankind.

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