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I’ve cared about very few men but when I care no matter what they do or say I still love them. I have cared about the wrong man many times but as a woman I know what I need and what I can give to the right man even if he doesn’t feel the same. Sometimes in life you learn to give space where space is needed because in the end whatever is meant to be will still find a way. My love like me is one of a kind but it is hard to even get me interested because I don’t get interested very often but I also know when to let go. Love can’t be forced or manipulated and I will never do that. I need to know that man cares or is interested and if he doesn’t show that I will not linger very long. In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make…..

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I have noticed a lot of fans get upset because a celebrity doesn’t try to get to know them or talk to them or tweet them back or what have you so I will say this: Every celebrity has a private life and personal friends, that part of their life should be kept private. When you’re a fan of someone…

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I rarely share my deepest thoughts but when I do I have to write them down…..sometimes it seems no one understands me but writing helps me clarify and put my feelings out there that is why I write poetry….So this is my thoughts about a very special man maybe this will let him know how I feel and maybe by chance he will read it because it is all true every word….

I may not be a spirit but I am very spiritual

I may not be a manifestation but I can help you manifest your dreams.

I may not be a demon but I can help drive your demons out.
I may not be darkness but I can be your light.
I may not be a physic but I can psych you up…
This man tested her every day but she was determined.
For all the pain and hurt he endured she wanted to make it better, she wanted to be the comfort and security she felt he needed.
She wanted to taste the very sweat from his brow, she wanted
to caress his body with every inch of her womanhood and
the desire only grew each day. She wanted to turn his
nightmares into sweet sensual dreams, his sexual thoughts and fetishes into full throttled fantasies and make them all come true.
She wanted to be everything this man needed without even
worrying about her own needs. She could not understand why she could not ignore him or just move on without this man. It was as if her very soul thirsted for only him to fulfill her, because without him her soul would surely die.  It was if she was a rose withering in the desert that only thirsted for one sweet drink of this man’s essence.  Unquenchable. incurable, and incomplete she surely was.
She wanted to awaken all of his senses with a pure unconditional love that she knew only she could give.  His blue heavenly eyes touched her libido so deeply it was if he could see right through her.
His hair black as night, loving arms, intelligent mind and huge heart made her melt like the dew on a rose on a hot humid morning evaporating her inhibitions effortlessly. The passion she felt for him was so deep it felt like it was running through her blood pumping faster and faster each time he was near. She could not ignore her feelings because it was if they would jump right out of her if left hidden. Desire would fill her loins like a burning candle engulfing the soft tissue until it was a molten mass every time she thought of him. She could feel his presence and she could never run away though she wanted to. She knew her chances were slim but this one time she felt her heart would gladly break if only to be with him because the urge was so powerfully present every time he would get near. 
When you love a man so much it scares you I know it is hard to explain but sometimes you just know when something is right, something fits like it never did before. She wanted to be the safe haven he knew he could always return to no matter how long apart they were, no matter what he did or his life would bring. She wanted to be the one who would understand when no one else would.
She cherished this man and she barely knew him. It is so hard for anyone to understand but this is what she was feeling deep down in her soul and it was so hard to explain to anyone. 
He awakened every part of her being it seemed and though she knew
it was hopeless that he would ever consider being with her deep down
in her soul the gnawing ache grew even stronger every day to try. 
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More of Enrique on Dick Clark’s New Years Eve Special 

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My new New Years Resolution no more love relationships with men I’ve had it with them all….

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I love how men like little girls then they wonder why they end up with a little bitch men are clueless when you want a REAL WOMAN let me know. You little girls can have them. Experience makes you a real mature woman nothing else. 

Best Part of the show thank God for Enrique being there and Billy Joel

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Wishing Everyone A Blessed New Year, may success, happiness and prosperity be yours. I know most people never keep their Resolutions but I only hope to be a better person next year then I was this year, wiser and happier. One sure thing you can always say about life It Goes On. I wish all my friends the happiness that you deserve in this life. Much Love to All.  ♥ XOXOXO ♥

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Zak Bagans ReTweeted a link About This Situation: Organic Whole Foods ‏@OrganicLiveFood
94% of #GMO #corn r treated w neurotoxin called #neonicotinoids that r killin millions of bees

Awesome! ♥ u Enrique

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Beautiful Quote #NewPost [10]
Anonymous: Happy Birthday! :)

Thank you ♥ :)

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I’ve been trying to get to your heart
But I’m chasing shadows
We keep falling further apart
So near and you’re so far
Do you care now?
Do you know how?
Baby it’s all or nothing now
Don’t wanna run and I can’t walk out
You’re breaking my heart if you leave me now
Don’t wanna wait for ever….

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